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Coconut. Why I love it.


The coconut. Such an amazing fruit!  It has so many health benefits and it does wonders for your hair and body. It kills viruses & bacteria, it boosts your energy and improves digestion. Woman rave about using coco butter on their bellies during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks, and it works! Some just love the smell, as it reminds them of the tropics and some use it for cooking. I love it for what it does to my hair!

A hair dresser told me my locks were dry when I went for a trim, which I agreed.. it was in the worst shape it has ever been! I blame it on the bleach and my hair straighter – it did some major damage. But I love “being” blonde in the winter and I do a hair repair treatment once a month or so, but it just wasn’t bringing much life back to my hair.  The hair dresser told me to try coconut oil.   I trusted her advice, left my appointment, and went right for the missing oil in my life.  I will never go back to using another treatment again!

Here’s my review:

Palmers Coconut Protein Pack VS. ION Repair Solutions

palmers vs ion

I like the ION Repair Solution hair treatment, it’s 100% vegan, and very affordable. $2.00 Canadian.

Palmer’s Coconut treatment is double the price, but it’s double the product.  $4.00 Canadian.
Palmer’s is not vegan as it contains low fat milk, but it is not tested on animals. It is also sulphate and paraban free.

Comparing the ingredients on the back – they have a lot of the same items I can’t pronounce. But Palmer’s has coconut oil, coconut oil, coconut oil!

After using ION I found my hair didn’t feel  very soft or looking very fresh after use.  It felt and looked as if I never treated my hair.

After using Palmer’s, my hair felt soft, silky, and looked so shiny!

I vote: Palmers!

If you are really adventurous or vegan – go straight for the oil! Wash your hair, and apply the oil (focusing on your ends) put a shower cap on and let sit for 30minutes.  You can also combine the oil with your favorite conditioner.

I love coconut oil, from the smell to the health benefits.  Coconut4 Life.

Please note: I am not a nutritionist, or involved in any type of health practice. This information comes from extensive reading and research.

*These instructions are guidelines only. Only use these products as directed on the package from the product manufacturer.  Do not use the pure coconut oil on your hair or face if you have any type of allergies.*

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