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Snacks: On The Go!


Whether you’re planning a road trip, need some new ideas for healthy snacks for you or the kids, or are in snacking mode… here are a few fruit and vegetable alternatives to satisfy your cravings!

If The Bulk Barn is close to home, they carry hundreds of healthy options, from organic to gluten free. The prices on some snacks can be a bit pricy, so making them at home is a great option too!

Here are a few ideas for the sweet & salty lover in you:

•Roasted peanuts – Rich in energy & high in Vitamin E

•Greek Yogurt covered cranberries – dried cranberries are high in fiber + yogurt is a good source of calcium

•Dried Figs – A great source for calcium, fiber & iron


•Kale Chips – Good source of protein, Vitamin A, fiber & more!

•Roasted Chickpeas – Great source of protein

•Dark Chocolate = A healthy heart, high in antioxidants, magnesium & iron

•Sweet Potato chips – High in Vitamin B6, good source of Vitamin C & D

A few more!

•Homemade fruit & yogurt popsicles
•Apple Chips
•Banana Chips
•Homemade Granola protein bars
•Dried Fuit & Nut Mix