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Veganese! Where have you been?


I’m loving all of these Lush products way too much lately.

This Vegan conditioner is the bomb!
Filled with lavender, rosemary and lemon, the sent is amazing! The price is right too, only $6.95 for 100ml.

Since many Lush products are hand made, it only has a shelf life of three weeks.

There is no silicone in this conditioner either.
Silicone coats the hair, almost creating a barrier. Building your hair up with junk and it’s very hard to get rid of. So you’ll want to use an organic, silicone free shampoo too or this product will not be able to operate properly, and do it’s amazing job! I use Organix – acai and avocado shampoo.

What else is good about this conditioner?

The lavender is soothing, great for your scalp and known to help speed hair growth.

Rosemary oil can be used to prevent pre-mature hair loss. If you suffer from dandruff or a dry/itchy scalp, this is the oil for you!

Lemon is also good for dandruff, brightening your hair color, and detangling your luscious locks!

After using this product, I got out the blow dryer, and found my hair dried much faster then usual. This really proves that the other brands are filled with crap, which help the other shampoos to have a shelf life of… forever!

After the second use, I found my hair was even more shinier and softer.
It also smells like fresh lemonade!

My hair is thick, and at a medium length. This bottle lasted me exactly three weeks, using generous portions!

I’m hooked!


Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask & Vanishing Cream


I wandered into the Lush store today, I heard that they do not test any of their products on animals, use organic ingredients and most of their stuff is vegan!

I was quickly interested in the display of masks lying on a bed of ice near the back of the store.
The Cosmetic Warrior mask seemed to fit the bill in exactly what my skin was looking for!

The main ingredients are grapes, egg, honey, garlic, and tea tree oil.

Turns out, most of their products are hand made. The masks must be kept in the fridge and expire after 3 weeks.
But, for $6.00 and a vegetarian product, you really can’t complain!

After doing all of the fun Sunday house chores, I decided to relax, clean my face and test out this mask!

Ok, so let’s get down to business here!

There is no way you can avoid the terrible smell of this bad boy! OMG! Eggs, garlic and chunks of grapes cover my face, not a glamorous day at the spa, if you ask me!
But I’m willing to get rid of my troubled skin, so I left the mask on for 7 minutes.

Despite the smell, my dog seemed to quite enjoy it. lol

I rinsed off the mask with warm water, and patted my face dry.

One of the Lush employees recommended applying the mask two days a week, and no more then three times. She also hooked me up with a free sample of Vanishing Cream to use after. Which, smells amazing!

After just one use, my face feels and looks smooth, clean and toned. My red spots have gone down too.

The Vanishing Cream is very light, and makes my skin look fresh! It retails for $42.95. It is recommended for acne prone skin.

This cream is great for tightening your pores and reducing blemishes. The price is quite high though!
It contains lavender for calming & balancing. Which Hazel to help get rid of those blemishes and grape seed oil to give you that baby bottoms face!

I will definitely be going back to try some more masks!