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Asian Sesame | Boston Lettuce Wraps


Do you ever crave Fruit Loops cereal? I do… Cap’n Crunch, Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes! Mmm!

So as I steer very far away from those delicious yet horrible thoughts, preservatives, empty carbs and sugar. I whip up a quick, filling, protein filled dish. That I know I won’t regret after!

This is such a good meal for those on the go or after a work out!

What you need:

•Boston lettuce
•Red Peppers
•Ramen noodles or Orzo pasta or Quinoa
•1 cup Black Beans
•1 cup Edamame Beans
•3 tbsp Asian Sesame dressing
•2 tsp Ground Black Pepper

How to make:

•Rinse the Boston lettuce, pat dry
•Cook ramen noodles as per instructions – ditch any seasoning
– drain the noodles
•Mix in the asian sesame dressing and pepper to the noodles
•Chop up cucumber and red peppers
•Rinse and drain black beans
•Cook edamame beans

Fill your Boston lettuce with noodles, vegetables and your beans! Done & done!

Makes 8-12 wraps

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