Vegetable Soup!

Fall is just around the corner! So to celebrate my favorite season, I’m cooking up a warm vegetable soup on this beautiful but chilly day!


Serves 4

What you’ll need:

•5 tablespoons of Epicure’s Dry Vegetable Broth (no msg added and low in sodium) or 2 cubes of Knorr Vegetable Broth
•4 cups of water
•2 cups of diced celery
•1 cup of diced carrots
•1 large baking potato
•1 green onion (all of it!)
•Pepper (don’t be shy!)
•1 tsp of salt
•Dry basil (a couple dashes)
•3 cups of pasta: ‘Shells’ or any other kind

How to prepare:

•In a large pot bring water, broth, vegetables, onions, basil, pepper and salt to a boil
•Reduce heat to medium for 20 minutes
•Then simmer for 15 minutes on low until celery and carrots are soft

•Cook pasta as directed on package in a separate pot
•Combine the soup and pasta together
•Let cool

Serve with fresh pada, or any other fresh bread!

Happy Soup-ing!


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