Taco Bowl Night!


Restaurant inspired, this taco bowl dish just take a little prep time and can be served in so many ways… with soups, salads, stir fry’s and more!

We went with a Mexican style dish tonight! It’s almost like a personalized healthy nacho platter! Mmm 🙂

Serves two

What you’ll need:

•2 large tortillas
•1 ripe avocado
•1/2 red pepper
•1/2 green pepper
•2 cups romaine ettuce
•1 cup shredded cheese
•Sour cream
•Your choice of meat if desired

For the taco bowl:

•Heat oven to 40O°F
•Place tortillas in the bowl
•Bake for 10 minutes
•Let cool and set aside


•Shred lettuce
•Dice up the peppers
•Grate cheese
•Dice avocado


•Place 1 cup of lettuce into each bowl
•Divide peppers and avocado, distribute on top of the lettuce
•Top with sour cream, salsa and lastly cheese!



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