5 Days of Dinners! Pt.1

I’ve had this craving for Shake N’ Bake for months now.  But ever since I became a Vegetarian I haven’t had it!

So I thought I would pick up a package of the mix and add a yellow eggplant twist!


• I chopped up half a large yellow eggplant from the local market into medallion’s
•Heated my oven to 350°F
•Washed the eggplant medallion’s
•Shook them up in the bag provided with the mix until evenly coated
•Baked for 20 minutes and turned at 10 minutes

They were quite delicious!



2 thoughts on “5 Days of Dinners! Pt.1

  1. peacelily100 says:

    Mmmmm to all of them!

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