Two-Ingredient Microwave Fudge

Absolutely making this fudge in the near future! Mmm


Picture 3

Seriously, if this isn’t the simplest fudge you have ever encountered, I don’t know how I can help you. 

This one recipe inspired me to think about starting up a new section of this blog, called Kitchen Easy. 

Ha. Ha. Ha. It rhymes and it sounds like Kitchen Cici! Heehee. Oh come on, don’t be stingy with your applause.

Anyway, fudge: the characteristic aroma, the silky smoothness, and the perfect 50-50 balance of sugar and guilt. It’s one of my favorite chocolate delectables.

My other favorites include all of the other chocolate delectables.

But see, the problem is that fudge is often overcomplicated: you’ll find various recipes calling for magical ingredients such as marshmallow creme, this thing called evaporated milk, a probably illegal dose of corn syrup, and a significant and scary amount of butter, leading you to wonder how this will affect your heart, your health, and your life…

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One thought on “Two-Ingredient Microwave Fudge

  1. peacelily100 says:

    Mmmm! On May 29, 2014 11:25 PM, “Passion Fruit” wrote:

    > danielleommm posted: “Absolutely making this fudge in the near future! > Mmm “

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